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Course Information

BEGINNERS – working towards gaining confidence in the water and first steps to learning front and back crawl.
CONFIDENT BEGINNERS – working towards good body positions for all strokes, breathing techniques and improving strength.
IMPROVERS – working towards good technique on front, back and breast stoke and introducing butterfly.
ADVANCED WIDTHS – proficiency on all stokes and introducing diving and more advanced skills – readying swimmers to advance to length classes.
ADVANCED LENGTHS – our strongest swimmers that are proficient in all strokes and now working on strength and stamina ready to advance to Rookie, Swim Fit or swimming clubs.
ROOKIE LIFEGUARD – swimmers who have gained at least their mile distance award, National Swim Plan 7 and Gold survival award who wish to learn new skills including life saving skills both in and out of the water.

Please look at A.S.A and S.T.A websites for further info regarding badge criteria.

NB each child learns at different speeds and moves up through the classes at their own pace.  Children are assessed each term for badges and certificates and move up when the instructor thinks they are ready.